About Us

We are the first emoji based online magazine for men and an agency for influencer marketing.
We are a successful Kickstarter project and Axel Springer Plug & Play Alumni.

1.2M Views p/ Month

Our online magazine achieves higher influence in user's purchase decision through authentic content. → SimilarWeb.

600 Influencers

Our portfolio is unique! We have personal contact with our influencers and have strong relationships with them.

400 Million Reach

Benefit from the continuously-growing reach. We manage 500.000 followers per influencer in average.

Happy Clients

Key Benefits

Higher Reach

Scale your marketing efforts with the most efficient online channel. Reach mass customers and increase brand awareness.


Human to human recommendation is the oldest and still the most effective marketing channel. Personally or digitally.

Higher Interactions

Unique non-incentive product placement model where users engage, respond, like and comment the content.

Why Us

100% Men

Our unique value proposition. Our portfolio is 100% men focused, meaning we are your men marketing specialists.

15% Engagement Rate

Our personal approach and marketing experience result in higher engagements! 3x higher than digital influencer marketplaces.

No Mainstream

We are not a digital marketplace! We cast personally, build relationships and maintain close contact with our influencers.

Campaign Funnel

Our background is performance marketing and we understand the value of KPIs. We provide funnels, from total reach up to ROI.

Full Service

We are your partner and take care of the entire campaign! Conception, communication, optimisation & reporting.


We don't charge fix commissions rates. You tell us your budget and audience, and we deliver you all relevant benchmarks.

User Data

We understand the importance of targeting.
We deliver all our clients audience based data, as well as, influencer's personal story.


Product type more likely to be promoted.

Demo & Geo

Age groups, gender rate and top countries.

Personal Story

Background, camera experience and more.


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